Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Fa-Malley

Thanks to my super-deluxe-photographer-extraordinaire dad for the pic.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It hasn't been very long now (only a couple of months or so), and I love working with the Young Women of our ward. It's such a blessing to be with them, answer their questions, witness the growth of their testimonies while strengthening my own. In every calling, I truly believe the Lord gives us the opportunity to flourish. Learn and grow, learn and grow. This calling is particularly exciting for me as I will be "going through" the YW program for the first time myself. As they work on their Personal Progress (a program in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for the Young Women), I will be working on mine as well. This year my goal has been to write in my journal and read my scriptures every single day, and so far I have done that (year's not over yet...). That has been a blessing and a strength to me and I feel as though I may accomplish any goal I set my mind to now. So, I'll be blogging about my Value Projects/Experiences for Personal Progress in the coming year. Wish me luck!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Who Are the Brave?

It's never too late to honor those who serve, so better late than never . . .

Happy Veteran's Day

Who are the brave? Those who go to war.
Who are the brave? Those who fight no more.
Those who gave their lives, protecting freedom's shore.
Who are the brave? Those who serve in war.
Who are the brave? Those who live with pain.
Who are the brave? Those whose lives are plain.
Those with healthy bodies, those protecting the unsure.
Who are the brave? Those who serve the poor.
Who are the brave? Those whose speech is free?
Who are the brave? Those loving liberty.
All those with heart and mind, protecting all they find.
Who are the brave? Those who serve mankind.
These are the brave.
-lyrics by J. Paul Williams

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Thursday, October 23, 2008

To Mourn with Those that Mourn. and Comfort Those that Stand in Need of Comfort

In the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, at baptism we covenant, among other things, to "mourn with those that mourn, and comfort those that stand in need of comfort." We pray these times are few and far between, and yet, this is mortality, and so come they do. We believe that before each of us was born on the earth, we lived in Heaven with our Heavenly Father where we learned and accepted the plan He had for His children. That plan being we come to earth to obtain a physical body, learn and progress, and eventually, because of the gift of our Savior, Jesus Christ, return to the presence of the Father, along with our families - never again to be separated, but united for eternity. One of the Church's governing bodies is known as the "Quorum of the 12 Apostles." Its members are regarded as special witnesses of Jesus Christ. One these men, Russell M. Nelson, gave a talk dealing with this subject. In this quote he cites a scripture in our canon known as the "Doctrine & Covenants" which we consider to be commandments given to the Church, through the prophets, principally Joseph Smith, from the Savior.

Irrespective of age, we mourn for those loved and lost. Mourning is one of the deepest expressions of pure love. It is a natural response in complete accord with divine commandment: “Thou shalt live together in love, insomuch that thou shalt weep for the loss of them that die.” (
D&C 42:45.)
Moreover, we can’t fully appreciate joyful reunions later without tearful separations now. The only way to take sorrow out of death is to take love out of life.

This family lives in Lubbock, our last town, and though we did not know them well as we were in different wards (congregations) in our stake (comparable to a diocese), we would like to say from many miles away:

We think of you
We love you
We mourn with you
And we pray our prayers
to the Father that we share
Will comfort you

They Just Make Me Smile

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My Mosaic

This is based on the answers to these questions:
1. What is your name? Heidi
2. What is your favorite food? Thanksgiving food - I picked cranberries cause they're purty!
3. Where did you attend High School? Allen High School - this is of the band-the "Escadrille"-of which I wasn't a part, but it was a cool picture
4. What is your favorite color? RED!!!!!
5. Celebrity crush? Matthew MacFadyen (this is a bust of him as "Mr. Darcy" from my favorite movie "Pride & Prejudice." Do you not think him a handsome man, miss? Yes, yes, I daresay he is.)
6. Favorite drink? Egg Nog, this time of year anyway
7. Dream vacation? Ireland
8. Favorite dessert? Baklava
9. When I grow up, I want to be _____________? Peaceful.
10. What do you love most in your life? My family. There aren't enough members of this "snow family," but they were cute so they made it in anyway.
11. Optional Square = I LUUUUVV the snow
(and the red berries of course)
12. What's the one word to describe you? Creative, or so I've been told

-Thanks to my friend Carrie for this great idea!

Friday, October 3, 2008


I signed up for this program where I get to test food products. This was one of them that was really good.

There was a soup recipe on the back of the box and I had some of the ingredients and I sort improvised with the rest. It had some leftover chicken, stewed tomatoes (drained), a can of peas (drained), and a package of that steam-in-the-bag broccoli. I put it all in one pot and heated it up with a dash of salt and onion powder. Then I made some rice real quick on the stove to go with it. I was kinda nervous about what my boys would think about it with all the visible vegetables and what-not, but they all loved it! They all said, "Mommy, this is gooooood!" There's nothing better than those words at dinner time. Well, except maybe, "Relax, honey, I'll do the dishes. You go lie down."

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Whoa Mama . . .

I don't know what to say about this. Happy Halloween maybe?

Monday, September 29, 2008

Something about a Picture and 1,000 Words?

Anyway, I finally loaded the pics from my camera to the computer, so I thought I might as well share some (in no particular order).
Jonathan & I at my 10 year high school reunion.

Jordan "fishing" at Nan and Papa's

Ethan at swimming lessons this summer

Christian at swimming lessons

Blue-eyed girl

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

That's What Friends (and Family) Are For . . .

For those of you who've noticed my new "Donate to NieNie" button on the sidebar, here's the backstory:

Monday, September 8, 2008

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sarah Barracuda

John McWho? Look out Joebama!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Implicit Association Tests

You''ve got to try these. Coolest. Thing. Ever. Harvard came up with this series of tests designed to reveal any prejudices one might have, conscious or subconscious. They're really kind of fun - revealing too. Here are my results:

Native American IAT- I have a SLIGHT association of "White American" with "Foreign" and "Native American" with "American" - meaning I view Native Americans as more authentically "American" - makes sense I guess.

Gender/Career- SLIGHT association of "Female" with "Family" and "Male" with "Career"

Obama/McCain- SLIGHT preference for John McCain

Presidents- SLIGHT preference for George W. Bush over "Other Presidents" (In this case the "other president" was Thomas Jefferson - I chalk this up to being more familiar with GWB's face as opposed to TJ's)

Skin-Tone- LITTLE TO NO preference for light skin over dark skin, and vice-versa

Race- LITTLE TO NO preference for Blacks or Whites

Asian-American- LITTLE TO NO ASSOCIATION of "Asian" with "Foreign" or "American"

Arab-Muslim- SLIGHT preference for "Other People" over "Arab/Muslim"

Age- SLIGHT preference for "Old" people over "Young" people

Disability- NO AUTOMATIC PREFERENCE between abled/disabled persons

Weapons- SLIGHT association of Black Americans with weapons compared with White Americans

Religion- STRONG AUTOMATIC PREFERENCE for "Judaism" compared to "Other Religions"

Weight- MODERATE AUTOMATIC PREFERENCE for "Thin People" compared to "Fat People"

Sexuality- STRONG preference for "Straight" people

Gender/Science- MODERATE association of "Female" with "Science" and "Male" with "Liberal Arts"

Bonus IAT: "3 Countries" (Japan, India, and China)- I prefer the 3 countries in the following order, starting with my strongest preference: 1. Japan 2. India 3. China

It's Generational

Two photos, both alike in dignity . . . I guess I have Shakespeare on the mind. Oh well, as promised (to my Uncle Kurt) here is the photo of my Uncle Kurt with me in September of 1980 and a picture of him with my daughter, Scarlet Elisabeth, in June 2008:

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My Favorite Things

In no particular order:

The book Ox-Cart Man by Donald Hall and Illustrated by Barbara Cooney
Stevie Wonder
Sting/The Police
Pride and Prejudice
4th of July and a pork tenderloin sandwich with fireworks in Chenoa, IL
Date Ball cookies
British Comedies on PBS
Quiet, early morning when the sky seems overcast before the sunlight really hits
New England (this is really more in theory since I've never been there)
Smell of fireplaces being used for the first time, while standing outside in the neighborhood
Fredericksburg, TX
Apple Orchards
Applesauce made from Transparent Apples
Baby Smiles
New makeup

There are lots of other things I love. Too many to mention really. What are your favorite things?

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Honnneeey, the Smoke Machine is Broken!

Ok, so, yes, it's been waaaaay too long since my last post. My little sister got married last weekend, so I've been busy. Actually, she was already married. Is that confusing? Sorry, long story involving deployment, JP ceremony, Iraq, etc., etc. Anywho. They finally had their wedding. It was originally planned for about a year ago.

It was beautiful. Just wait til you see it. I know you'll agree. Really. Can I get a huh, huh?

But, how can we see it? Are you going to post a video?

No, no my little brussel sprouts. It's going to be on a reality show.

I have now been (or will be, I should say, in September) on a reality show. "Whose Wedding Is It Anyway?" on the Style Network. Which I don't even get, by the way.

And in case you see it, just so you know (in case you hadn't already guessed), it's a "reality" show (emphasis on the air quotes).

Have you ever played that get-to-know-you game where you're supposed to tell everyone something that "nobody knows about you"? This is so going to be my answer now. Oh, the humanity, I'm going to get to see myself on national TV. Isn't there some country that wants to shoot down our satellites? Can I send them money? But then I wouldn't get my HGTV, and how can I live without my "Designed to Sell" and "Design Star"?

Oh, and one more thing, I think the camera really adds about 25 or 50 pounds.

The show is set to air on October 28, 2008 on the Style Network - Heaven help us all!

Friday, June 20, 2008

I Heart BYU

I think this is one of the best ideas ever. What a way to bless this part of the world - that needs it so desperately. I think this is the start of something great.

Check it out:

Monday, June 16, 2008

Post Haste-Post Mortem-Post Toasties

Ok, so it's been too long since my last post. I can't stand it when I visit a blog, and there's nothing new to read on there. My birthday on Friday was fun. DH gave me some "Burt's Bees" goodies and chocolate-covered cranberries, blueberries, cherries and almonds. My sister sent me flowers, I got a gorgeous pendant from DH's brother and his wife, cards and $ from my parents and in-laws. Awesome!

I was very sad to find out that Tim Russert died on that day. I'm a big American history buff. I love politics and government. He was one of my favorites. I didn't get a chance to see his program very often because I'd be at, or getting ready for, church. It's been touching to see all the tributes to him and how he was thought of, above all, as a great family man. I love people like that. As accomplished as they may be, they know what's really important.

Father's Day was kind of a bummer for DH. I was sick, so instead of him getting all the TLC, he spent the day taking care of me. Maybe we can have a Father's Day "Do-over" this weekend.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

One Track Mind

My birthday is coming up on Friday. People keep asking me what I want. I'm not too particular about birthday gifts usually. However, when my husband asked me this year what I wanted, there was only one thing on my mind . . . I want the house cleaned. All clean. At the same time. And I want it very clean, baseboards, ceiling fan blades, organized closets. THE WORKS. Most importantly, I do not want to be the one to do it.

So of course, being the wonderful man that he is, he called a service and scheduled them to do an estimate on our home. He later called the house and said, "Oh, by the way, the cleaning people are coming by at 3 pm to do an estimate, that OK?" And so, of course, I said, "Are you crazy? I have to clean the house before the cleaning people come!" I made him call them back and cancel. He, obviously, thought I was crazy.

DH: "You have to clean so the cleaning people can come?"

Me: "Uh, yeah"

"Then what are they going to do?"

"Clean the house"

"But you just cleaned it"



"Just reschedule for later in the week"

"If you say so"

I know, poor guy, he just doesn't get it.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Going Green or Something Like That . . .

Lately I've noticed that I am growing fond of all things environmentally friendly. I just feel like there are certain things I can do that are very easy, and it makes me feel good to be able to help. I've purchased the $1 reusable shopping bags for both stores I use, I have energy star appliances, I try to turn off lights I'm not using and try to conserve water. My dream is to get a hybrid Tahoe, but I can't afford that right now. I don't actually use compact fluorescent bulbs because I don't want to deal with the kids breaking them. I'm ashamed to say that I don't really care that much about global warming, but I do like the idea of not being wasteful.

Anyway, lately I'm thinking of taking this thing to a completely new level, and this is big. Very big.

I'm thinking of switching to CLOTH DIAPERS!!!!!!!

Of course, I'm definitely going to have to get my washer fixed first. I think I'll still use disposables for when we're away from the house. I just think we could probably save a lot of $$, and it is kind of gross to think about how many of those things our family has contributed. I don't think it'll be that much more work - I'm already doing a ton of laundry anyway. What's another load (no pun intended-yuck!)?

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Things I Would Not Have Learned If I Didn't Have Children

Ok, so if you think this is a post about how I found out that my heart could live outside of my chest, or how a child wandering off can make you feel like you're dying till you find him, or how I became a whole new person by having kids, you're WAY wrong.

No, this is about how I learned that . . .

. . . little boys + Sonic's "Ocean Water" or dark blue Gatorade = Day-Glo green poop and giant amusement.

. . . if your children decide during naptime to become Picassos in their bedroom, and their medium is poo, it's OK to shut the door on it to make your husband deal with it when he gets home (ya know, to protect your sanity), because it turns out that dry poo cleans up more easily (use the vacuum hose to scratch it off).

. . . making dessert may become a criminal offense. Diet guilt? No. Last night my son told someone we were eating "toddler". No, son, it's cobbler. (On another note, why the heck is it "cobbler" anyway?).

What about you? What have you learned from your children?

Sunday, June 1, 2008

I'm Back!

Well, for the longest time my computer, or the website, or something, was not allowing me on my very own blog - UGH! But now, the stars have all aligned and the Blog gods ("Blods"?) have deigned to allow me back on. Yippee! Ok . . . so . . . what to write?

Hmmm . . . Since I've been gone, my refrigerator, washer, and DVD player have all crapped out. Oh, the joys of useless machines! I am happy to know that we have definitely met the requisite 3 things breaking at once quota, so we should be good for awhile now (knocking loudly on wood, though it's that cheap self-assembly stuff, still, wood-"ish"). Oh yeah, school gets out on Wednesday for the kiddos. I am not, I repeat NOT, prepared for this.

My 6yo son just made a mess in the kitchen with the sugar. I now have sugar-coated feet. Ok, that phrase is kind of making me laugh, but still, see what I mean? Totally NOT prepared.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My Wedding Shoes

The shoes I will be wearing as matron-of-honor in my sister's wedding. They're actually a lot more comfortable than they appear.
UPDATE: The shoes are ABSOLUTELY as uncomfortable as they appear. Good thing I had gold flip-flops for the reception

"B" as in "Butt"

Today Ethan got a "B" on his daily citizenship calendar.

A "B" is the best you can get. They've been pretty few and far between this year. He has had some issues this year, but really, I think most kids get the "G" for "good" by default. Anyway, he's received 2 of them this month already. His reward for it is getting to play with water outside, which he is doing right now with his brother, Christian. Brother #3, Jordan, is asleep in the living room, and Scarlet is asleep in her crib. DH sees therapy clients tonight. Blah. I was going to make a turkey roast, but I need a meat rack for it. I tried to get one at Walmart. No luck. I'll have to go to HEB.

For anyone outside of South Central Texas who reads this, HEB is the main grocery store chain. It's headquartered in San Antonio. If you think HEB is a strange name, it only gets stranger. Is it a person's initials? Yes. What do they stand for? Well, the man's name was H. E. Butt. Yes, really. It could've been "Butt's Groceries" or I guess, just plain old "Butt's." Anyway, in Ethan's class, if "G" is for good, what does "B" stand for? Best? Beautiful? Bodacious? No, No, and No. It stands for . . . wait for it . . . "Outstanding"! Yeah, I know. Actually it corresponds with a color system:

B = Blue = "Outstanding"
G = Green = "Good"
Y = Yellow = Numerous Redirections
R = Red = Severe Disruption

Is it me? Should the letters match a word that fits the behavior? Like "Y" could stand for "Ya coulda done a lot better." I guess that's bad grammar though. Seriously, when I was a kid it was:

E = Excellent
S = Satisfactory
N = Needs Improvement
U = Unsatisfactory (or "Under", as in, hide under the bed, because you're going to be in big trouble*)

*I'm just being dramatic here, I never received a "U", so I don't really know what would've happened, though it wouldn't have been too good.

This is the system they use on his report card. So much for consistency. Oh well. Any thoughts?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Me? A Blogger?

Well, ok, this is my first post on my brand new blog. Weird. I guess I should sort of introduce myself, which is a little strange because right now I feel like I'm talking to myself. Add to that the fact that the only people who will probably ever see this are related to me or are my friends, so they obviously already know me. But, whatever, here goes . . .

I am . . .


Wife to a very hard-working man and full-time grad student. He studies Marriage & Family Therapy . . . hopefully we won't be seeking therapy by the time he's done, just kidding :)

Mother of 4 (3 boys, 1 girl)

Older sister to my new-military-wife sister

Bad Housekeeper, Decent Cook

Born Mennonite, raised Presbyterian, adult convert to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Wannabe decorator, amateur musical arranger, novice pianist, floutist, and artist

I think RED is the best color EVER!

Trying to be a little better every day

Oh, and I guess now, blogger?