Wednesday, May 14, 2008

"B" as in "Butt"

Today Ethan got a "B" on his daily citizenship calendar.

A "B" is the best you can get. They've been pretty few and far between this year. He has had some issues this year, but really, I think most kids get the "G" for "good" by default. Anyway, he's received 2 of them this month already. His reward for it is getting to play with water outside, which he is doing right now with his brother, Christian. Brother #3, Jordan, is asleep in the living room, and Scarlet is asleep in her crib. DH sees therapy clients tonight. Blah. I was going to make a turkey roast, but I need a meat rack for it. I tried to get one at Walmart. No luck. I'll have to go to HEB.

For anyone outside of South Central Texas who reads this, HEB is the main grocery store chain. It's headquartered in San Antonio. If you think HEB is a strange name, it only gets stranger. Is it a person's initials? Yes. What do they stand for? Well, the man's name was H. E. Butt. Yes, really. It could've been "Butt's Groceries" or I guess, just plain old "Butt's." Anyway, in Ethan's class, if "G" is for good, what does "B" stand for? Best? Beautiful? Bodacious? No, No, and No. It stands for . . . wait for it . . . "Outstanding"! Yeah, I know. Actually it corresponds with a color system:

B = Blue = "Outstanding"
G = Green = "Good"
Y = Yellow = Numerous Redirections
R = Red = Severe Disruption

Is it me? Should the letters match a word that fits the behavior? Like "Y" could stand for "Ya coulda done a lot better." I guess that's bad grammar though. Seriously, when I was a kid it was:

E = Excellent
S = Satisfactory
N = Needs Improvement
U = Unsatisfactory (or "Under", as in, hide under the bed, because you're going to be in big trouble*)

*I'm just being dramatic here, I never received a "U", so I don't really know what would've happened, though it wouldn't have been too good.

This is the system they use on his report card. So much for consistency. Oh well. Any thoughts?

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