Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Implicit Association Tests

You''ve got to try these. Coolest. Thing. Ever. Harvard came up with this series of tests designed to reveal any prejudices one might have, conscious or subconscious. They're really kind of fun - revealing too. Here are my results:

Native American IAT- I have a SLIGHT association of "White American" with "Foreign" and "Native American" with "American" - meaning I view Native Americans as more authentically "American" - makes sense I guess.

Gender/Career- SLIGHT association of "Female" with "Family" and "Male" with "Career"

Obama/McCain- SLIGHT preference for John McCain

Presidents- SLIGHT preference for George W. Bush over "Other Presidents" (In this case the "other president" was Thomas Jefferson - I chalk this up to being more familiar with GWB's face as opposed to TJ's)

Skin-Tone- LITTLE TO NO preference for light skin over dark skin, and vice-versa

Race- LITTLE TO NO preference for Blacks or Whites

Asian-American- LITTLE TO NO ASSOCIATION of "Asian" with "Foreign" or "American"

Arab-Muslim- SLIGHT preference for "Other People" over "Arab/Muslim"

Age- SLIGHT preference for "Old" people over "Young" people

Disability- NO AUTOMATIC PREFERENCE between abled/disabled persons

Weapons- SLIGHT association of Black Americans with weapons compared with White Americans

Religion- STRONG AUTOMATIC PREFERENCE for "Judaism" compared to "Other Religions"

Weight- MODERATE AUTOMATIC PREFERENCE for "Thin People" compared to "Fat People"

Sexuality- STRONG preference for "Straight" people

Gender/Science- MODERATE association of "Female" with "Science" and "Male" with "Liberal Arts"

Bonus IAT: "3 Countries" (Japan, India, and China)- I prefer the 3 countries in the following order, starting with my strongest preference: 1. Japan 2. India 3. China

It's Generational

Two photos, both alike in dignity . . . I guess I have Shakespeare on the mind. Oh well, as promised (to my Uncle Kurt) here is the photo of my Uncle Kurt with me in September of 1980 and a picture of him with my daughter, Scarlet Elisabeth, in June 2008:

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My Favorite Things

In no particular order:

The book Ox-Cart Man by Donald Hall and Illustrated by Barbara Cooney
Stevie Wonder
Sting/The Police
Pride and Prejudice
4th of July and a pork tenderloin sandwich with fireworks in Chenoa, IL
Date Ball cookies
British Comedies on PBS
Quiet, early morning when the sky seems overcast before the sunlight really hits
New England (this is really more in theory since I've never been there)
Smell of fireplaces being used for the first time, while standing outside in the neighborhood
Fredericksburg, TX
Apple Orchards
Applesauce made from Transparent Apples
Baby Smiles
New makeup

There are lots of other things I love. Too many to mention really. What are your favorite things?

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Honnneeey, the Smoke Machine is Broken!

Ok, so, yes, it's been waaaaay too long since my last post. My little sister got married last weekend, so I've been busy. Actually, she was already married. Is that confusing? Sorry, long story involving deployment, JP ceremony, Iraq, etc., etc. Anywho. They finally had their wedding. It was originally planned for about a year ago.

It was beautiful. Just wait til you see it. I know you'll agree. Really. Can I get a huh, huh?

But, how can we see it? Are you going to post a video?

No, no my little brussel sprouts. It's going to be on a reality show.

I have now been (or will be, I should say, in September) on a reality show. "Whose Wedding Is It Anyway?" on the Style Network. Which I don't even get, by the way.

And in case you see it, just so you know (in case you hadn't already guessed), it's a "reality" show (emphasis on the air quotes).

Have you ever played that get-to-know-you game where you're supposed to tell everyone something that "nobody knows about you"? This is so going to be my answer now. Oh, the humanity, I'm going to get to see myself on national TV. Isn't there some country that wants to shoot down our satellites? Can I send them money? But then I wouldn't get my HGTV, and how can I live without my "Designed to Sell" and "Design Star"?

Oh, and one more thing, I think the camera really adds about 25 or 50 pounds.

The show is set to air on October 28, 2008 on the Style Network - Heaven help us all!