Friday, October 3, 2008


I signed up for this program where I get to test food products. This was one of them that was really good.

There was a soup recipe on the back of the box and I had some of the ingredients and I sort improvised with the rest. It had some leftover chicken, stewed tomatoes (drained), a can of peas (drained), and a package of that steam-in-the-bag broccoli. I put it all in one pot and heated it up with a dash of salt and onion powder. Then I made some rice real quick on the stove to go with it. I was kinda nervous about what my boys would think about it with all the visible vegetables and what-not, but they all loved it! They all said, "Mommy, this is gooooood!" There's nothing better than those words at dinner time. Well, except maybe, "Relax, honey, I'll do the dishes. You go lie down."


jamesrivergirl said...

"the visible vegetables and whatnot..." Hee Hee! You crack me up.

chiara family said...

Hey Heidi Ho.

I need your address to get reay for the Christmas Card thing.