Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Implicit Association Tests

You''ve got to try these. Coolest. Thing. Ever. Harvard came up with this series of tests designed to reveal any prejudices one might have, conscious or subconscious. They're really kind of fun - revealing too. Here are my results:

Native American IAT- I have a SLIGHT association of "White American" with "Foreign" and "Native American" with "American" - meaning I view Native Americans as more authentically "American" - makes sense I guess.

Gender/Career- SLIGHT association of "Female" with "Family" and "Male" with "Career"

Obama/McCain- SLIGHT preference for John McCain

Presidents- SLIGHT preference for George W. Bush over "Other Presidents" (In this case the "other president" was Thomas Jefferson - I chalk this up to being more familiar with GWB's face as opposed to TJ's)

Skin-Tone- LITTLE TO NO preference for light skin over dark skin, and vice-versa

Race- LITTLE TO NO preference for Blacks or Whites

Asian-American- LITTLE TO NO ASSOCIATION of "Asian" with "Foreign" or "American"

Arab-Muslim- SLIGHT preference for "Other People" over "Arab/Muslim"

Age- SLIGHT preference for "Old" people over "Young" people

Disability- NO AUTOMATIC PREFERENCE between abled/disabled persons

Weapons- SLIGHT association of Black Americans with weapons compared with White Americans

Religion- STRONG AUTOMATIC PREFERENCE for "Judaism" compared to "Other Religions"

Weight- MODERATE AUTOMATIC PREFERENCE for "Thin People" compared to "Fat People"

Sexuality- STRONG preference for "Straight" people

Gender/Science- MODERATE association of "Female" with "Science" and "Male" with "Liberal Arts"

Bonus IAT: "3 Countries" (Japan, India, and China)- I prefer the 3 countries in the following order, starting with my strongest preference: 1. Japan 2. India 3. China

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