Sunday, June 1, 2008

I'm Back!

Well, for the longest time my computer, or the website, or something, was not allowing me on my very own blog - UGH! But now, the stars have all aligned and the Blog gods ("Blods"?) have deigned to allow me back on. Yippee! Ok . . . so . . . what to write?

Hmmm . . . Since I've been gone, my refrigerator, washer, and DVD player have all crapped out. Oh, the joys of useless machines! I am happy to know that we have definitely met the requisite 3 things breaking at once quota, so we should be good for awhile now (knocking loudly on wood, though it's that cheap self-assembly stuff, still, wood-"ish"). Oh yeah, school gets out on Wednesday for the kiddos. I am not, I repeat NOT, prepared for this.

My 6yo son just made a mess in the kitchen with the sugar. I now have sugar-coated feet. Ok, that phrase is kind of making me laugh, but still, see what I mean? Totally NOT prepared.

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