Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Welcome Back, Welcome Back, Welcome Back...or, Random, er, Crap

Ok, so I guess it really has been nearly a year since I've written in this thing.  I guess I've been busy.  Maybe I'll do better this year, maybe not.  Judge me. 

The kids just got home from school.  We're doing Family Home Evening tonight since it was a holiday on Monday.  Not a holiday from FHE, but well, I guess I don't think of the week starting unless that's when school is in session too.  Of course, this doesn't really have any relevance in the summer.  Whatev.  I'm thinking tonight we'll have a lesson on the sacrament.  I'd like for the kids to have more of a focus on the Savior during the sacrament, rather than their coloring books.  Maybe I'm being unreasonable.  It's not that I think they're not getting something out of the meeting.  I know they are, but we can always improve, right?  Maybe?  Well, anyway, that's what I think we'll do. 

One thing I do know, right now, I'd really like a nap.  Christian will probably need one soon.  He informed me when he got home from school that he woke up at 2:17 this morning.  Wha??  That explains the empty bottle of Fresca in the toy closet.  Oh yeah, right after he told me when he woke up, he goes, "Fresca's gross."  Ok, so why did you drink the entire bottle?  When did you decide it was gross?  I wish he'd figured it out sooner, cause I could really use some right now. 

You know how scent memory is really strong and can take you right back to a certain place in time with a certain smell?  Well, Scarlet needs a change and I swear that I could be driving past a hog farm in central Illinois.  Lovely.  On the bright side, she occasionally decides that the toilet is a good thing to use...as I said, occasionally.  Hopefully we're on the path from casual use to habitual use-which, in the case of the toilet, is a WONDERFUL thing.


jamesrivergirl said...

Hey Heidi!! Welcome back to your blog. And, nearly 5?! If I already knew that I forgot. Congratulations.
love, Carrie

HeidiAnn said...

Thanks! It's good to hear from you!