Thursday, January 20, 2011

Washin', Washin', Washin', Keep those Loads A'Movin'

Not our laundry

All hail the return of Mount Washmore to the Malley household!  I try to do at least one load of laundry per day, just to keep up, sometimes two.  Well, I fell off the wagon...again.  I'm thinking it's at least twelve loads.  Anywho, at least when they're clean, I'll be going through everything and doing a Goodwill haul.  Lots of Goodwill hauls for us.  We just went through some closets.  How do I accumulate so much...never mind...  Scarlet helped me sort the laundry this morning.  Great chore for a three year old.  They're actually really good at it, surprisingly, especially if there are a lot of laundry baskets.  I need some new ones.  Mine are a little beaten up.  I'm thinking I might get some bins from Home Depot or somewhere.  They seem to hold up better than the traditional baskets, plus they're cheaper.  Haha!  As I like to say, "Mommy wins!!"

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