Thursday, January 28, 2010

Yes, Virginia...It Really Does Snow in Texas

I used to live here. Lubbock. It snowed there today. This is what it looks like there now. Above is Mackenzie State Park. Jonathan and I used to come here a lot and talk when we were dating. We also used to feed the ducks and geese with Ethan and Christian here when they were teeny tots.
This is part of the Lubbock Metropolis skyline. Impressive, isn't it? I know you're thinking, "Wow--it's just like New York City!" (I hope that came out in your head in the same voice as the Pace picante commercials)

And yes, some goofball is actually snowboarding here. My dh says, "There is a little hill in Mackenzie Park, isn't there?"

Ah, yes, the geese. I wonder if the evil one who chased me at Godeke Park 5 years ago is in there. You're lucky you're only in a photo, or I'd be after ya, turkey! (bwahhahahahaha,'s funny cause it's a goose, but I said a tur-Oh never mind)
This owl is a Harry Potter reject-they turned him down for being too Texan.
I like to imagine him singing "Frosty the Snowman" in an opera voice. It's his own roadshow.
Sigh....nothing like a West Texas sunset. I'm lovin' the "pillar of light" effect.
A final bow...(no pun intended)


Emiline said...

I love the pictures!

I am so glad I found your blog!

~ Emily

Natalie | The Bobby Pin said...

Wow, amazing! I had heard it snowed in Texas, but had no idea like this!